Cakes in Vizag

Cakes in Vizag

Celebrating the special days of your loved ones’ life in a special manner doesn’t only give immense pleasure to you, but leaves an unforgettable impression on their memories. However, sometimes distance come in between and you often find yourself far from your loved one on a special day. In those cases, never let them miss you. Now order cakes in Vizag online and send them your heartfelt love through the sweetness of cakes from Love2Home.

Now, with Love2Home, it is way easier to send your loved ones the flavours they have always craved for. We are now available with our delicious list of cakes in Vizag. So, know that there is no boundary that can stop you from sending your wishes on the special occasions. To make things easier, here is the list of cakes with different flavours in Vizag.
Different flavours of cakes in Vizag

Black Forest cake: No other flavour can beat the taste of Black Forest cake, especially for the people who are literally in love with it. There is so much about that dark chocolate layered with vanilla and garnished with cherries that makes a perfect go for a birthday party, New Year, Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s Day and many more.

Abundant Pineapple: Just no reason why you would not love this flavour. The juicy pineapple is worth every other bite.

Blueberry cake: The infusion of blueberry with vanilla provided with a glazed topping. The delicious look that can’t be resisted.

Butterscotch cake: It is infused with rich vanilla cream and hazelnuts that will give you crunchy bites.

Among the other flavours of cakes in Vizag, you will get the luscious cassata cakes, coffee cake for the coffee lovers or cookies cakes provided with crunchy cookies. Chocolate lovers will also get the chocolate cake and choco truffle cake for rich dark chocolate that can be felt meting in the mouth. Or simply try the fruitcake that comes with a burst of fruit slices to delight your mood with the unusual yet happening taste.

Be it valentine’s or your heart desire to propose someone, we have the Red velvet cake and a heart-shaped cake. For your lady love, the strawberry cake would be recommended or vanilla cake with a new craft and beautifully garnished.

Why us?

With these cake flavours, win the heart of your dear ones and let them feel your presence every other moment with our special cakes in Vizag. We cater to your doorstep to give you all the convenience. Just order and pay online and the cake will be delivered in one day. So, no more getting worried if you are running low on time, we will always be there with our reliable service.