Cakes in Vijayawada

Cakes in Vijayawada

Behind every auspicious occasion of your life, there is creamy and luscious cake to start with. Nothing can replace the sharing of the cake bite on hearing good news for loved ones. Even on birthdays and anniversaries, cake cutting is a must. To make your event more delightful, we bring a bigger collection of cakes with various exotic flavours you will love to choose from.

Yes, Love2Home is now available with its delicious list of cakes in Vijayawada to give you the best service where all you would be required is to book from the list and we will cater the delivery to your doorstep.

Various flavours of cakes in Vijayawada

With the provided flavours, set no limit to your taste. Choose the Black Forest cake that is common amongst the favourite of many or go for new flavours like kiwi cake that can delight your taste buds with the fresh kiwi blend and creamy topping garnished with cocoa powder. Or enjoy the munch with butterscotch cake that is garnished with hazelnuts along the sides.

Among the exotic flavour, you get the cassata cakes with the Italian cassata sweet mixed with cream. Or shift mood to have some fresh juicy pineapple infused with whipped cream. For coffee-holic, we have listed coffee cakes with cream and caffeine too. We also offer each of the heart-shaped cake and red velvet cake to give your loved one an extra spark and a heartfelt desire.

If you love cookies, there is a cookie cake with white cream and cocoa sprinkled and garnished with crunchy cookies. For an intense chocolate affair, we have a chocolate cake that comes with extra dark chocolate to offer all the pleasant feeling and a choco truffle that comes with chocolate wafers over it. You can also try our new blueberry cake that is infused with blueberries and is provided with a glazing top. We have presented an all-new way to enjoy the heavenly vanilla white, with the vanilla cake that comes with fruits or luscious choco.

Of course, we cannot forget strawberries in the matter of cakes, so we put the rich pink strawberry cake on the list too. We also have eggless cakes list for those who normally don’t prefer eggs.

Our service

We provide our service for different events, be it birthday parties or festivals. For us, every customer stands equal, so don’t hesitate to include us in your special events. Give us the opportunity to cater delicious cakes to your occasions that would indeed give your event a rich sweet taste with every bite.