Cakes in Ongole

Cakes in Ongole

Celebrating the birthdays of your near and dear ones has always been on the priority list for every individual. Not only birthdays, wedding and engagements are equally important too. And each of these occasions would surely remain incomplete without the cake-cutting ceremony. Hence, for your convenience, we, Love2Home are now available in Ongole with our huge list of cakes and different varieties to choose from.

With Love2Home, you can get a number of flavours and different types of cake in Ongole, depending on whatever suits your mood or the event. We value every occasion and festivals that you celebrate, so count on us for your events. From the options we have, you can choose chocolate cake, vanilla or strawberry cake.

The rich flavours of the cakes in Ongole

Rewind Black Forest cake or experiment with some new flavours like a blueberry cake that is infused with blueberry and covered with glazing layer of the cream. Try out the new Kiwi flavour that has chocolate wafer sprinkled on the whipped creamy layer.

You can also select from the exotic flavour, like Italian cassata cake, which is topped with chocolate flakes, cubes and cherry. Give your taste buds the combination of cream and crunchiness at the same time with the popular butterscotch cake that is infused with heavy cream inside and crunchy layers on the sides. It is also available in different mixes like hazelnuts, egg or eggless.

Amongst the young generation, pineapple also has a huge following with its luscious layer of cream and the juicy pineapple topping, and then garnished with cherries. We also have coffee cakes, cookie cakes, heart-shaped cakes and red velvet cake on the list.

Cakes in Ongole on special occasions

We take care of the quality and service and value the occasion too. And we are aware that  cake-cutting is an important opener for any event, be it birthdays, wedding, engagement ceremonies, professional events, Valentine’s Day love, well-wishing, Christmas, New Year, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.
We also celebrate festivals with you and never differentiate in any. So avail your order for cakes in Ongole during the festive seasons like Raksha Bandhan, Baisakhi, Eid, Janmashtami or Dussehra.

Why should you choose us?

Booking a cake online is always a better option as you can choose various flavours in a short time and have them delivered without actually getting to the physical store. Especially for the people who live on the outskirts of the city, getting to order online is very convenient. We have the 24-hour window set for us and the ordered cake is delivered to the address in a day.

Moreover, the cakes in Ongole can even be ordered for a remote friend’s place too.