Cakes in Kakinada

Cakes in Kakinada

Cakes can be the centre of attraction for any and every occasion. It tends to be special and often creates a mood of intense happiness, something that can be associated with the life’s milestones – birthdays, weddings, engagements and more. What more could you want on these auspicious days? A beautifully decorated cake to be delivered to your home, and that would be all.

With this notion, we have brought the Love2Home cakes in Kakinada, so that it takes your least time to select the particular from our menu and click to order. We have made this effortless since we know how much valuable your time is to you, especially during a  celebration. To select from the list of various luscious flavours of cakes in Kakinada, check below.

Unforgettable flavours of cakes in Kakinada

Black Forest Cake: A constant among all other flavours, the Black Forest wins hearts on the very first look. The combination that brings delicious vibes with red cherries topping and crunchy choco chips spreading.

Blueberry Cake: You can’t resist yourself with the perfect blend of blueberry and fine vanilla that would instantly bring cheers to your mood.

Butterscotch Cake: The butterscotch will serve your mouth with smooth melting flavours and caramel. Just take a bite experience a quick slip to fill your taste buds with joy.

Cassata Cake: This traditional sweet from Italy is now combined with cakes to give you an intense flavour that your mouth will cherish. Moreover, it is garnished with cashews, chocolate flakes, choco cubes and cherry on top. So, enjoy the deliciously beautiful cake.

Chocolate Cake: A one-sided favourite always tops the list for many. Just immerse yourself in the pleasure of the dark rich chocolate cake that brings its own bliss with each and every bite.

Choco Truffle: One complete solution for the craving sweet-tooth, the Choco truffle. The rich and fine texture will automatically melt in your mouth.

Coffee Cake: Nothing can be more blissful for a coffee lover than a cake flavoured with coffee sprinkles. Forget about any stress and enjoy bite of this heavenly delight.

Red Velvet Cake and Heart-shaped cake: Excite that one and only love of your life by bringing the rich and luscious Red Velvety texture cake or bring the heart-shaped cake that will express all your love and affection.

Other flavours include the Fruit Cake, Kiwi Cake, Pineapple Cake, Strawberry Cake, Vanilla Cake

Cakes in Kakinada for every occasion
Be it a friendship day or any other special occasion that you would like to celebrate, we always have different flavours for you. For instance, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wedding, success events, Romance and intimacy, well-wisher event, Christmas, New Year, etc.
Our service

Nothing can beat the convenience of being able to order cakes online and sit back and enjoy them without stepping out of your place. Interestingly, you can even place an order for it to be delivered at your relatives’ or friends’ place for a surprise party.